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Sacramento Upholstery Cleaning

Even when stains are not visible, upholstery carries bacteria that, if not removed, can potentially affect your health. This bacteria can cause sickness; the sooner you invest in upholstery cleaning, the better off you will be. Upholstery Cleaning is proven to improve the air quality in your home. Mold, dust, mildew and other allergens can live in your upholstery, going unnoticed to the human eye. Regular, professional furniture cleaning can prevent unnecessary pollutants from spreading through the air and into your body.

With Moser Brothers Carpet & Tile Care, we understand the importance of clean upholstery and use the industry's best technology to ensure you're satisfied with the results.

*Moser Brothers Carpet & Tile Care technicians have equipment that cleans virtually every type of upholstery in existence, including Jacquard, velvet and Haitian cotton.

*Before beginning any upholstery cleaning process, our technicians inspect each piece of furniture to create a custom cleaning plan.

*Once a proper furniture cleaning method is determined based on the make and material, our trained specialists get to work removing stains, restoring color and reviving your upholstery.

*Moser Brothers also offers deodorizer services, as well as our 10 YEAR stain- resistant protective coating

At Moser Brothers Carpet & Tile Care, we recognize the importance of handling each piece individually rather than as a whole. A cherished couch purchased last year receives the same level of excellence as a prized family heirloom.

Our experience is invaluable when it comes to maintaining and restoring furniture as close as possible to its original state. These days environmental awareness is just as important as maintaining a beautiful home. A reliable and reputable carpet and upholstery products. Your pets and toddlers can safely crawl or sleep on the carpet once completed and dry. Thorough extraction of the chemicals from the furniture is mandatory to guarantee safety to the consumer.

Choosing a superior upholstery cleaning Sacramento service does not have to cost a lot. We charge a reasonable price that provides our customers with good value. Request a quick upholstery cleaning Sacramento service quote and see if we are available today. For those needing carpet cleaning Sacramento, call us today for a quick demo.

Moser Brothers 200% Guarantee

We are certified in carpet, tile, and Sacramento upholstery cleaning and I'll give you a 30 day guarantee! In fact, if you are not absolutely thrilled with my professional carpet cleaning service, I will return and re-clean any areas of concern. If I still have not met your expectations, not only will I gladly refund 100% of my original work order, I will then pay ANOTHER certified carpet cleaner to clean your carpets!