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Natural Stone and Tile Cleaning
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Tile Cleaning Sacramento CA

Stone Cleaning & Sealing

Clean and seal natural stone, tile and grout using Eco-friendly methods.

Stone Polishing

Stone Polishing

Customized to your preference of wanting shiny, matte or honed finishes. We are the experts in stone.

Stone Repair and Restoration

Stone Repair & Restoration

Protecting and increasing a home or office investment and value.

Tile Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Being a porous material, it is common for it to absorb liquids and discolor. Moser can restore the look and feel.

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Best Tile Cleaning Thus Far

September 11, 2017

5/5 stars

"Best Stone and Tile Cleaning So Far! Lyon, really impressed me with his quality and finished result. I will certainly use Moser Bros Tile and Grout services again and spread the good news. It was a dramatic transforation of my kitchen and guest master bathroom." Tile cleaning review from Google+

10 Best Tile Cleaning Services in Sacramento

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Cleaning grout the old way on your hands in knees with a toothbrush can take all day, and still not get the grout much cleaner. Plus you may be leaving soil attracting residue and you end up with dirty grout all over again. Save your back, and your precious time. We use professional cleaning, polishing, sealing and honing products to get a result that is picture perfect. Next we'll flush the residue away with a powerful, yet gentle on natural stone and grout, cleaning system that safely removes the dirt and grime away from your floors out of your home and out to our truck. We neutralize your stone or man-made tile and grout so that it can stay cleaner for much longer. Tile cleaning Sacramento customers rate us 5-Stars and highly recommend our work.

Grout Sealer and/or Natural Stone Sealer

Spills may leave permanent stains in porous grout and natural stone. We can apply a water based sealer that creates an invisible barrier to help protect your grout. Unlike cheap topical sealers that may leave a waxy build up that may attract soil and leave your tile and grout sticky to the touch, and are very costly and labor intensive to remove.

Professional Commercial Stone Care

Color seal for grout

Some grout maybe permanently stained due to improper cleaning or maintenance. since grout is porous it may drink up spills if not properly sealed or the sealer worn off over time. In that case instead of ripping out all the grout and regrouting, we can color seal your grout to a color of your liking. We'll still have to clean the grout before color sealing, you wouldn't want color seal to stick to the dirt instead of the grout and wear off to quickly, would you? Our care and maintenance methods are ones that are recommended by Nationally acclaimed brands and sources.

We love servicing homeowners and commercial managers in our beautiful city of Sacramento. With so much to do such as having attractions suitable for all ages and a plethora of eateries in Old Sacramento that give tremendous river views.

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