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What is hot water extraction all about?

Green cleaning and low moisture procedures are a big focus of many companies these days. The truth is that many of the largest carpet mills strongly recommended using hot water extraction. This method is known to remove 95% of moisture that is used in cleaning of your carpets. This process rinses the carpet, which is what helps maintain the carpet against re-soiling, helping sanitize and remove bacteria and allergens that build up over time, with no use of harmful or toxic chemicals allowing for families to be at easy about kids and pets playing on the carpets, in a very short time span due to the low moisture of the hot water extraction, allowing the carpets to dry and be useable in a short time span than usual. This whole process does not only clean and make your carpets look good but it will extend the overall life of your carpets rugs.

In most cases, hot water extraction is a 12 step process consisting of: 1) Pre-Inspection, 2) Commercial Pre-vacuum, 3) Furniture Moving, 4) Pre-spray, 5) Pre-spot, 6) Pre-grooming/Agitation, 7) Soil Extraction and Rinse, 8) Neutralizer, 9) Post Spot, 10) Post Groom, 11) Speed Dry, 12) Post Cleaning Inspection.

Tile and grout over time will also experience a build up of soil over time. Cleaning your tile and grout will remove the dull look that comes from the build up of grime and soil on your tile, and leave it with a shine. After prepping the room, much like the with the carpets, but is then pressure wash, speed dry, and then apply sealer to be sure the grout is resistant to stains for many years.

Now for area rugs things are done differently, we hand wash the rugs after first inspecting and photographing them. The rug is dusted and then prepped for a hand wash. It is then hung up to dry and upon drying it is then hand groomed.

Moser Brothers 200% Guarantee

We are certified in carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning and I'll give you a 30 day guarantee! In fact, if you are not absolutely thrilled with my professional carpet cleaning service, I will return and re-clean any areas of concern. If I still have not met your expectations, not only will I gladly refund 100% of my original work order, I will then pay ANOTHER certified carpet cleaner to clean your carpets!