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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial carpet receives many times the traffic of typical residential carpet. That's why it's important to select (fiber, construction, pile design, color) and install commercial carpet that fits your needs. After carpet is installed, its durability and lasting appeal is chiefly dependent on ongoing maintenance and cleaning programs.

Commercial carpets clean much differently than residential carpeting. At Moser Brothers Carpet & Tile Care we use a variety of cleaning methods to achieve the best results and avoid wicking (reappearing spots and stains) at the lowest rates. Ask about our affordable "Always Cleaning Program" for ongoing scheduled service.

The first critical component in programmed maintenance and cleaning is routine vacuuming in conjunction with rapid response to spots and spills. Carpets collect everything tracked in, as well as soil and dirt settling from the air. Even the best maintained carpet must be thoroughly cleaned for sanitation, cleanliness, stain and odor removal.

Moser Brothers 200% Guarantee

We are certified in carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning and I'll give you a 30 day guarantee! In fact, if you are not absolutely thrilled with my professional carpet cleaning service, I will return and re-clean any areas of concern. If I still have not met your expectations, not only will I gladly refund 100% of my original work order, I will then pay ANOTHER certified carpet cleaner to clean your carpets!